Anduze Antique pot

Anduze Antique pot

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W: 80cm (31.5")H: 80cm (31.5")

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An Antique, Rare Anduze pot,signed.

The Anduze pot or originated from the Cévennes mountain ranges of Southern France, most specifically in Anduze which is located at the foot of the Cevennes range. These handmade terracotta glazes pots were uniquely created, initially to plant orange and lemon trees in an aristocratic home.

The first Anduze vases that are recorded, date from 1728 – 1730 A.D. and this one is from the Gautier workshop, they are known as The Godfather of all Anduze. a family of potters well established in the region since the 16th century. In the last 1700’s, another family of potters arose. Louis Etienne Boisset learned his craft as a potter at the wheel of his uncle Gautier of the famed Gautier workshop. Early in the 19th century, the Boisset dynasty increased their market share of Anduze pots by taking over the old Gautier workshop.

Those Anduze pots that have stood the test of time have travelled throughout the world and sit proudly in many gardens for all to admire the craftsmanship of these fabulous antique pots and to maintain and enjoy a piece of history. Today any original Anduze pot has a beautiful patina that only hundreds of years can achieve. Any garden designer will often include urns or large planters in their garden design or in the orangery.
This pot has a date of 1804 painted in the bottom which was there when this was bought it.
It has had some damage and has a metal band which is probably better on . I can do a complete report on this if you DM me.
Measurements coming....