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Based in Shrewsbury Shropshire. 3rd Generation antique Dealer.


Meet Mark, an antique dealer with over four decades of experience in the industry. Since 1979, he has been buying and selling antique pieces, honing his expertise in various eras and styles. With his keen eye for detail and deep understanding of history, Mark has developed a wealth of general knowledge about antiques and their significance.

Mark's passion for antiques has led him to share his knowledge with others through various media. He has been on TV and radio programs, sharing his insights on antiques and their values with the odd roadshow. His ability to convey complex information in an accessible manner has made him a sought-after expert in his field.

In addition to his buying and selling, Mark is also an experienced restorer. He has a creative approach to restoring antiques, often finding unique solutions to repair and enhance the pieces he works on. His extensive knowledge of different materials and techniques has earned him a reputation as a skilled and reliable restorer.

Beyond his professional skills, Mark is a sociable individual who enjoys connecting with people. His warmth and approachability have made him a approchable figure in the antique community. He is always eager to share his knowledge with others and learn from his colleagues.

Overall, Mark is a seasoned antique dealer with a passion for his craft. His general knowledge, media experience, restoration skills, creativity, and sociable nature have made him a respected and valued member of the antique community.


Latest Items

Antique brass standard lamp c1900

£475.00 Approx $591.53, €552.33

18th century sea travel trunk

£1,490.00 Approx $1855.54, €1732.56

Steamer trunk

£950.00 Approx $1183.06, €1104.65

New in....exciting and unique door

£3,200.00 Approx $3985.06, €3720.93

Double sided mahogany window seat from the 19th century

£675.00 Approx $840.6, €784.88

Small size gilded walnut upholstered sofa

£2,250.00 Approx $2801.99, €2616.28

An early 20th century or late 19th green enamel painted radiator cover

£220.00 Approx $273.97, €255.81

A good cast antique cast iron radiator cover of impressive proportions

£4,750.00 Approx $5915.32, €5523.26

Vintage German vase

£70.00 Approx $87.17, €81.4